An Exhibition in a Package

Public Surface, Stockholm, Sweden: 2010

A project initiated by Sara Ludvigsson in collaboration with Adan Asnan, Nabil Ahmed, James Holcombe, Richard Owen, Kari Rittenbach and Joseph Clayton/Adam Sonderberg.

Study for a Monument to Balzac (After Rodin)


Soy Un Hombre, Soy Una Mujer (I Am A Man, I Am A Woman)

Pan-carta, Lugar a dudas, Cali, Colombia: 2007
Desconfia, Oficina 1, Caracas, Venezuela: 2007

A collaborative project developed with artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre following an invitation to exhibit in two galleries of her native Latin America.

The work was first exhibited at Oficina, Caracas, Venezuela (see link below, images 43-66) and then traveled to Lugar a dudas, Cali, Colombia.

For more information please visit the links below:


Chaim Soutine

The Happy Sailor Tattoo Parlour, London: 2004

Curated by AnotherRoadsideAttraction (Richard Adamson)

Deriving its name and inspiration from Roald Dahl’s chilling short story ‘Skin’, Chaim Soutine involves thirty-two artists designing a tattoo for thirty-two recipients.



High Art

Stoke Newington Festival, London: 2001

Curated by Richard Adamson

For the project ‘High Art’ a number of artists where asked to submit work that could be attached to a balloon and released ‘en masse’ into the skies over Stoke Newington on a set day during its annual festival. Attached to each work was a reply label enabling the ‘found’ audience to respond if they so desired.



ashowabouttime, Milch Gallery, London: 1998

Three Legged Walking/Random Running: Performed by Richard Owen and Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre.

Performance/time based group exhibition curated by Sally Tallant.


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